Global Teenager Project


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Our class has been split up into teams and on the right side you will see Team ___ and each one consists of about 5 students who will be working together to answer the research questions.

Summary Stage

Summaries, April 9 - April 22 2012
Week 8 - 9

Each class summarizes the answers received from the Learning Circle partners. The summaries are posted in the Wiki. On the right click on summary and briefly summarize the answer to our question that the group you answered the question for.

Answering Stage

Important Information
Criteria for quality answers:
answers are posted on time
clear definition without possible misinterpretation, taking into consideration cultural differences
the answer always starts with repeating the question.
answers should reflect that research has been done and should consist of clear references, mention (re)sources used showing research that has been done
It's OK to use Google for research, yet stimulate students to process what they have found and mention the source of their finding by adding the URL or other source
post photos, diagrams, tables, presentations or others which can illustrate you research
the minimum number of words should be for a Research Based LC - 250 words in one answer
We wish you lots of learning and fun during this Learning Circle, Natasha Cherednichenko

Question Stage

Here will be the questions posted by the other schools
Criteria for quality sponsored question:
  • the question is posted in the wiki in time
  • is related to the theme of the LC
  • has clear definition without possible misinterpretation
    • taking into consideration cultural differences
  • has one main question;
    • clarification could be added in the form of max 3 sub-questions to guide the research
  • the question should be 'open' and initiate research
    • avoid a 'closed question' that can be answered with Yes/No or very simple answer
  • the answer need research and critical thinking
  • the question reflects international and global learning
    • avoid focusing on one country or region
  • if your question doesn't match these criteria the facilitator will ask you to reformulate the question
Please remember the steps of posting information in the Wiki
  • Step 1: compose your question in your word processor E.g MS Word.
  • Step 2: copy the question to notepad
  • Step 3: click on the "Edit" button above and paste your question in your class space
  • Step 4: click on the "Save" button to save your work
Remember that those classes that fail to post any information by the end of the 3rd week being teacher, class letters or sponsored questions will be removed from the Learning Circle.