Welcexternal image logo_cedarbrae.jpgome friends from all over the world! It's exciting to collaborate with you, we will all learn about each other. We are Team Eskimo, our names are Zeynep, Shaniya, Charlene and Jaime. We are from Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Currently, we are taking grade 11 chemistry class.

Cedarbrae is a 5 floor school, educating approximately 1400 students. We have people from all ethnicities. Our school offers an extended french, and french immersion program. Students enrolled in these programs take their courses in french, like physical education, geography, and history. We have many sports teams and clubs, like swim team, basketball team, eco-club and physics club. We are known to be the Cedarbrae colts and dolphins, Cedric the colt is our school mascot.

Our school is located in eastern Toronto, known as Scarborough. It is a clean and safe environment. Our school is surrounded by a community center, a mall and a retirement home. We have excellent access to all necessities, like
clean water, nutritional food and heating.

Hello! My name is Zeynep, I am 16 years old and currently in grade 10. I'm enrolled in the extended french program, and curently learning spanish! I enjoy watching movies and shopping. My favourite artist is Eminem. My favourite movies are "Shutter Island", "Inception" and "Sweeney Todd". I am reading the "Hunger Games" series,and waiting anxiously for the up coming movie. When I grow up I would like to be a family physician. Canada is a great country, the only downfall is that it's very cold in the winter! As you may know Canada is the home of many famous people, like Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, and Rachel McAdams.

Hi kids! My name is Jaime. I am turning 17 years old and is currently in grade 11. I enjoy music of all types and watching T.V. I also like using the computer for social networking and reading different types of books. When I finish high school I would like to go to college and become a paramedic.

Hey, I'm Shaniya. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I love it here.. but I'm not the biggest fan of our winters, but I still get through it. I'm a summer baby so thats what I'm use to, I guess. I'm currently in grade 10, but I am enrolled in chemistry which is a grade 11 course. when i grow up i would love to do something in the medical feild or to be a chemistry professor at a university.I don't plan on always living in Ontario. I would like to move to British Columbia, or a southern part of the United States. Or maybe I'll learn of some tnew place I would like to go. I love experiancing new cultures, to see how people can be so different, but the same in away. I hope to get to know more about you guys and your cultures!

hey i am sharlene i am 16 years old i attended ceaderbrae. our school is extremely big it is one of Scarborough's biggest secondary schools. Our school has 5 floors. The first floor is for sciences and social sciences. Our school offers science subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology and environment science. The type of social sciences it offers are Introduction to Anthropology psychology and sociology we call it IAPS, family studies, food health and nutrition, law,history geography and many other one. The second floor is for languages and art. Our school teaches English French as well as Spanish. On the third floor we have math and businesses. Our forth floor and fifth floor are for drama, stage crew, photography and auto tech. Our school has 3 vice principles according to what your last name starts with as well we have a tv on our office. Our school has be unfortunate for the last couple years we have had floods as well as numerous fires. Our school offered many clubs and sport teams such as rugby, basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, field hockey, ice hockey, tennis, badminton and track and field these are some of the sport clubs offered. We also have a mulisum student association, black student association, art club, gay straight alliance choir and many more. How school is very excepting of everyone no matter color race creed or sexual oration. Our school colours are blue white and green and out mascot is a colt (horse). Our school as annual traditions such as school dances, semi formal which is a dinner dance for students, ninner day, were all the grade nines get to play outside together. We also have prom graduation and athletic banquet which is only for athletes and it's to honor them for the work they did. Some of the teacher here are very nice, funny, and overall good teachers. Our school has a lot of rules. For an example in search sport season fall, winter and fall you can only do one sport. A lot of student hate this rule with a passion, many of us have tried to get ride of the one sport rule. We also aren't allowed to wear hats in school, we are allowed to use phones in the hallway but not classes. If you fail a class or a teacher doesn't think You should be on a school team or club they have the right to kick you off. As well our school has the best location. Right across our school we have a library and beside it we have a mall. At lunch students usually go to the mall to buy food such as McDonalds.

Here is an image of our school, Cedarbrae.

A group of students choreographed a dance and performed in front of the school.

The Unity Club organized an assembly, includes dancing, singing etc.
The Cedarbrae Steel Pan club performing in the school lobby.
Here at Cedarbrae, we have many sports teams. This is a video that the senior boys rugby team made.

What is your ecological footprint, from knowing this what is your main carbon dioxide emission? How can you reduce your footprint?

Answer - Grupul Scolar Tehnic Nehoiu, Romania's Question

My Contribution Towards Recycling and Refusing - By: Zeynep

My contribution to help save the environment by recycling includes; recycling in my household, in my garden and in my school. The most basic way to recycle in my home is to separate our garbage, we own a blue bin for recyclable plastics, glass and boxes. The green box is used for strictly paper recycling. The green bin is used for compost. Lastly, a garbage bin for those things that cannot be recycled.
In my household, we do efficient recycling; this means that we try to buy electronics that are eco-friendly. Like, simply purchasing fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent, or looking for EPEAT-certified (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) products. We also know that recycling electronics after we are done with them are very important, cell phones, computers, televisions and even batteries. These products have toxic chemicals and many other unhealthy chemicals that harm those who are exposed and the environment. Instead of throwing them out in the garbage, there is an electronic disposal bin that we visit.
We also tend to buy recycled items, simply purchasing recycled paper; it’s as good as new! For cleaning, we try our best to stay away from hazardous materials, because it is hard to recycle hazardous waste. Non-toxic products clean just as well.
In Toronto, a lot of people own houses, and are forced to mow their lawn. After mowing the lawn, if we leave the grass cuttings on the grass instead of throwing them out, these cuttings will turn into nutrients and act as a fertiliser in the soil. This is a type of recycling in the garden.
My school promotes recycling and other eco-friendly gestures on a daily basis. We always recycle, every class, or in the hallways there are recycling bins. I recycle my old cardboard binders and folders, if they are in good condition, I reuse them. Every Friday morning, during first period, we have a “Lights-Out Friday”, meaning we turn off all the lights, and open the curtains.

My contribution to help save the environment by refusing includes buying local products, buying biodegradable products, and refusing plastics.
By refusing to buy products from all over the world, I save the environment. For example, if I was to buy bananas from Mexico, that means that someone had to transport these bananas; across oceans, continents and countries. Therefore, to get my bananas, someone had to burn fossil fuels, petroleum etc. By refusing to buy from Mexico, I saved the world from more carbon dioxide.
Many household cleaners contain harmful chemicals like chlorine and phosphates. These chemicals are dangerous when they are flushed down a drain because they end up in the river – we damage our water supply. Refusing these cleaning products and choosing biodegradable cleaners is how I help save the environment.
Many of us know the issue with water bottles, use them once and throw them out. Every 5 minutes, 2 million plastic bottles are thrown away, using 750 million gallons of crude oil per year. Water bottles are made from plastics, and plastics are made from petroleum. By refusing to buy water bottles and choosing thermos water bottles I reduce the burning and mining of petroleum.
Same issue with plastic bags, we use them once or a couple times and throw them out. Plastic bags are made from plastic, which is again petroleum. As of June 1st 2009, the municipal government (City of Toronto) have passed a law concerning plastic bags. Each time consumers buy something, it costs 5 cents ($0.05) per plastic bag. This law encourages people to use reusable bags, and helps save the environment. When my family and I are shopping for grocery, we know to bring reusable bags.

A film made in the United States about the truth about water bottles.
Recycling electronics keeps the earth from chemicals.
Every year, there are too many recyclable things labelled as "garbage"
Using clean cleaners to clean!
Reusable bags, like this, start at $1 and can be found in any grocery store.

According to the given day of the week of your community, garbage trucks pick up appropriate recycling bins.
According to the given day of the week of your community, garbage trucks pick up appropriate recycling bins.
The recycling process of electronics.


Reuse and Reduce - By: Sharlene

We live in a country where is it every easy for use the 4 r’s reduce reuse recycle and refuse. Reducing house hold waste can help save the environment and your wallet. For an example
a way you can reuse is, buy reusing water bottles instead of just throwing them out into the garbage. Another way you can reuse is by buying the toothbrush and razors where you just have to change the head instead of throwing the whole tooth brush or razor out. You can reuse the plastic bags you get from the grocery store, Either bring them back to the store and reuse them for your next shopping trip or use them for other purposes such as putting your garbage in, or carrying lunch in it. Reuse packaging and boxes is another way to save the environment. You can either reuse them for mailing other packages or use them for gift giving instead of buying gift boxes. A lot of families tend to use paper plates to eat, but instead of using paper plates you can use plastic one, after you done with those you can wash and reuse them. Also instead of always buying new batteries you can just buy reusable batteries, this will saves you money and save the environment. There are many ways to reduce your waste intake as well such as changing your light bulbs to energy saving ones. Also there’s a lot of ways you can reduce your carbon imprint, you can unplug items you’re not currently using. You can buy organic and local. You can also car pool. There are many other ways you can reduce and reuse these are just a few.

The Forth R- by Shaniya

Reduce reuse and recycle are the three most common R's. These R's are used to be our contribution to helping stop global warming. All though, even when participating with the three R's, nothing is to say about companies continuing there production. If we don't stop buying, major companies will feel encouraged to keep producing newer items. So that's why the fourth R is refuse. If everyone were to stop and just say no, the companies would be forced to slow down. Less carbon would be released and less waste would be made.